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Scholarship Program


The Illinois Food Retailers Association Scholarship Program provides a mechanism for member companies to sponsor their own scholarship program utilizing the administration of the IFRA program.  Member companies can "piggyback" on to the IFRA Scholarship Program's application procedure to make scholarship awards to the children of their permanent, full-time employees and/or their part-time employees who are full-time students in high school or college.


The children of full-time employees, and part-time employees who are full-time students, can apply for two scholarships by submitting one application.  Applicants are considered first for the scholarships sponsored by the Association and then, after those winners are selected, those applicants from "Piggybacking" firms who do not win scholarships in the first competition are pulled out of the applicant pool so that they can be considered for the company-funded scholarships.


Participating companies are guaranteed that they will have scholarship winners because only applicants from the sponsoring companies are considered for these scholarships.


Members participating in the program can make tax-deductible, charitable contributions which indirectly aid the parents of the winners, the colleges the winners attend, and directly aid the scholarship winners.  The funds supporting scholarships are being donated to a tax-exempt entity and are paid to the colleges, not to the students.


The "Piggyback" scholarships will carry the name of the sponsoring member.  Both the scholarship winners and the colleges they attend are informed of the source of the funds supporting the scholarships.


By using the Association's established scholarship program, "Piggybacking" members avoid the expense of producing descriptive brochures and applications, and administrative expenses.  The Association pays the administrative expenses as a service to its members.


Members are free to establish the selection criteria for their awards and to set the amount of their scholarships.  A minimum $500 award is required.  The awards are tailored to the company's specifications.


Members must notify the Association that their company would like to participate in the "Piggyback" Program with the number of scholarships, the amounts, and the scholarship name.  When the posters announcing the program are mailed in January, participating members should notify their employees of their involvement in the "Piggyback" Program and encourage eligible employees to apply for a scholarship because someone is guaranteed to win.