Your preferred broker for insurance and risk solutions

A.J. Gallagher Insurance has been IFRA’s Preferred Insurance Broker Solution for more than 24 years, offering its members a cost-savings insurance program with customized options and claims management solutions designed specifically for those in grocery and food retail.

With more than 30 years of experience within the grocery/food retailer channel, we’ve worked with more than 300 IFRA members so far to provide them with industry-specific loss control programs.

Free policy audit

Every IFRA member can receive a free A.J. Gallagher policy audit to identify potential risks and offer cost-effective solutions, including captive and 831B program design and management.

Many of our new customers have experienced premium reductions from 5 percent to 20 percent, while our claims management expertise offers potential savings in both time and money.

Coverages may include – but are not limited to:

Food spoilage

Auto liability and physical damage

Workers compensation

Loss or interruption of utilities support (gas, electric/power, water or sewer back up)

Cyber liability and network security breach protection

Business continuity coverage

Theft and forgery

Liquor liability

Food and drug regulatory compliance (FDA, USDA, state regulatory requirements)

Umbrella coverage

Your bottom line

Let us help you protect your business, assets, employees and customers with a comprehensive insurance plan that can help you minimize risk, reduce losses and protect your bottom line.

For information on insurance programs available or a free policy audit, please contact Chris Weronko at, 630-647-3184. 

Check out IFRA’s Group Insurance Program here:

DATE : February 18, 2018